Free Download Name Mangler Full Version latest 2023 standalone offline installer for macOS.It is pretty powerful for such a simple user interface.

Name Mangler 3.8 Overview

Name Mangler latest version Name Mangler (was File List) is an easy-to-use batch file renamer. If you need to rename several files at once, this is the application you have always sought. Name Mangler is a batch file renamer that supports the following renaming tasks: Find and Replace (including support for regular expressions);

Name Mangler for Mac for free Moreover, you can combine all these using the Advanced renaming mode, which even comes with extra features, such as conditional statements, nested counters, and more. But Name Mangler is more than just one versatile renaming utility – it’s an infinite number of task-specific renaming utilities: Name Mangler’s Droplets make it ridiculously easy to store configurations and use those repeatedly for different, alternating purposes. Just drop your files on them.

Key Features and Highlights Of Name Mangler for macOS

  • With Name Mangler 2023 free download Change your mind after renaming your files? No problem; Name Mangler lets you revert the last-performed renaming action
  • Interim results show you your filenames at each step of a multi-step renaming action, making it easy to check your action before running it
  • You can view only files that will be modified, which is incredibly useful if you’re renaming only a handful out of hundreds of files in a folder
  • Create Droplets, standalone “apps” that run a pre-configured renaming action. Drag and drop your files into the droplet, and you’re done
  • Tooltips show full filenames for ultra-long filenames that don’t otherwise fit in the display
  • Potential duplicates are detected and flagged before renaming
  • Import and export renaming configurations to share with other Macs or other Name Mangler users via email or web download

System Requirements and Technical Details

  • MacOS X 10.9 or later