Free Download GForce Oddity3 Full Version latest 2023 standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a fresh and hugely enhanced rebuild multi-award winning Oddity software synthesizer.

GForce Oddity3 1.0.2 Overview

GForce Oddity3 latest version original Oddity, along with its successor Oddity2, gained heavy praise from fans and critics alike for incredible accuracy and, in the case of Oddity2, a vast range of additions taking the legendary ARP Odyssey into previously unrealized audio realms. Oddity3 retains the fundamental architecture at the heart of previous versions but builds on this in ways that extend its sonic and musical capabilities.

GForce Oddity3 for Mac for free features an improved audio engine, a powerful new Preset Browser, over 250 new presets (plus all the originals), new Distortion and Reverb effects, a Vintage control to add authentic analog imperfections, four programmable Macros, new and improved performance controls along with three new, fully scalable UI designs. This classic desert island synth just got even better.

A Classic Synth For The 21st Century
With the sound and character of the original hardware at its core, it gives a classic synth a new lease of life. Authentic models of all three original filters, two syncable oscillators, an accurate recreation of the legendary ring modulator, AR & ADSR envelopes, and much more, they’ve spent countless hours ensuring that it still provides a faithful and accurate recreation of one of the most highly revered synths ever.

X-Modifiers – A Sound Design Playground
Using our unique X-Modifier technology, users can reach new sonic heights with Oddity3. With a unique LFO and Envelope for almost every parameter on the synth, Oddity3 allows you to create hugely complex sounds.

And, while the tone and character of the synth remain authentic to the original, the X-Modifiers allow you to take this classic sound to unexplored realms of possibility. It is the odyssey sound on steroids.

Key Features and Highlights Of GForce Oddity3 for macOS

  • With GForce Oddity3 2023 free download Simple displaying of a bonafide exemplary
  • More than 2000 presets, including 250+ new presets
  • Strong Preset Program
  • Mutilation and Framework Reverb impacts, with refreshed Deferral
  • One of a kind handle for legitimate simple flaws
  • Four programmable Macros for simple control of sounds
  • Programmable Aftertouch and extended Speed controls for additional playability
  • Completely versatile UI with three bona fide skins
  • Monophonic, Monophonic Legato, Duophonic, and Polyphonic modes
  • 4023 (12dB), 4035 (24dB), and 4075 (24dB) lowpass channel types from every one of the three unique models, in addition to highpass channel
  • Two syncable Oscillators in addition to a tunable Sub Oscillator
  • Tremendous regulation choices by means of X-Modifiers
  • Credible Ring Modulator
  • Skillet spread for broad sound system sounds

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Intel or Apple Silicon Mac
  • MacOS 10.13 or above