Free Download EJ Technologies JProfiler Full Version latest 2023 standalone offline installer for macOS. It’s a sophisticated tool that allows you to dynamically profile Java-based apps and analyze them in the hopes of improving performance.

EJ Technologies JProfiler 13.0 Overview

EJ Technologies JProfiler latest version a complicated tool that permits you to dynamically profile Java-primarily based apps and examine them inside the hopes of improving overall performance. When it comes to profiling, you need the most effective tool available. You don’t need to waste time learning the way to use the tool, but you furthermore mght don’t need to learn how to use it.

JProfiler is exactly that: clean to apply even as also being pretty powerful. Session configuration is easy, 1/3-party interfaces make getting began a snap, and facts profiling is provided obviously. It has been meticulously built on all levels to assist you in getting began with solving your problems.

EJ Technologies JProfiler for Mac for free maximum not unusual motive of performance troubles in business applications is database calls. Its JDBC and JPA/Hibernate probes, as well as the NoSQL probes for MongoDB, Cassandra, and HBase, display the causes of sluggish database get entry to and how your code calls slow queries.

The database probes are important for obtaining perception into your database layer. The JDBC timeline view indicates all JDBC connections and their sports to the new spots view, revealing slow statements to severa telemetry perspectives a list of unmarried events.

Key Features and Highlights Of EJ Technologies JProfiler

  • With EJ Technologies JProfiler 2023 free download Live profiling of a neighborhood session
  • Live profiling of a far off session
  • Offline profiling and triggers
  • Snapshot comparisons
  • Viewing an HPROF snapshot
  • Request monitoring
  • Easy introduction of custom probes
  • Database Profiling for JDBC, JPA, and NoSQL
  • Support for Java Edition:
  • Higher Level Profiling data

System Requirements and Technical Details

  • MacOS 10.11 or later