Free Download Sergiy Lavryk AYBO Full Version latest 2023 standalone offline installer for macOS. It performs calculations, unit conversions, currency conversions, checks the weather, sets timers, plots graphs, and solves simple equations.

AYBO 1.22.0 Overview

AYBO for Mac for free you may use AYBO to perform any computation, including unit and currency conversions, check the weather, set timers, draw graphs, and solve simple equations.
What do you think? You can even make up your commands.

Moreover, It’s highly customizable; use Preferences to locate the custom commands file, including some examples.

A small list of available commands

  • 1 + 1/sin(pi/2)
  • Sqrt (4) * 456
  • 10 USD to GBP
  • 5.5 inches to 15 cm
  • 450 miles (km)
  • Time in Madrid
  • GUID Calculation
  • Hex 567
  • Color aqua
  • Translate What wonderful weather!
  • Timer—10 sec.
  • Weather Chicago
  • Forecast Berlin
  • Plot x^2
  • Date
  • Time

System Requirements and Technical Details

  • OS X 10.11 or later
  • Apple Silicone or Intel Core processor