Free Download Homegrown Sounds Kit Creator Full Version latest 2023 standalone offline installer for macOS. It transforms your sample collection into sample kits for your sampler.

Homegrown Sounds Kit Creator v0.992 Overview

Homegrown Sounds Kit Creator latest version is a program for Windows and Mac that automatically generates Sample Kits of 16 samples for MPC, Ableton Live, Speedrun, TAL-Drum, and the free Sitala. You can drag & drop up to 16 directories containing samples and assign which Pads they use. One is randomly selected if a pad has more than one folder. As well as randomizing samples, parameters can be randomized with defined min/max ranges. Currently, Volume, Pan, and Release Time are supported.

Key Features and Highlights Of Homegrown Sounds Kit Creator for macOS

  • With Homegrown Sounds Kit Creator 2023 free download SOURCE – Up to 16 recursively scanned Folders can be added via drag & drop, and each assigned to any Pads
  • TEMPLATES – Add as many existing presets as templates for each format as you want. It allows creating complex presets as a base with effect assignments etc., and then changing the samples and only the samples/selected parameters in the Kit Creator. You can use a single template, cycle through all of them, or use a random template.
  • FOLDER ASSIGN – Folders are added via Drag & Drop and scanned recursively. There are two different views for assigning Folders to Pads; the PADS panel allows clicking a pad and selecting the folders, whereas the FOLDERS panel shows a Matrix for seeing all assignments at once
    -Parameters: This panel allows assigning minimum and maximum values for the random values per pad
  • PRESETS: Saving the total state of Kit Creator to a preset is supported so that you can recall different profiles
  • THEMING: The theming system supports 24 definable colors, which can be saved as a theme; a few themes are included
  • PROCESSING: This panel is where the export settings are located, and the preset creation takes place
  • CREATE: Creates new presets based on the selected settings to all selected formats
  • EDIT: Edits existing presets for randomizing the selected parameters
  • RANDOM NAME GENERATOR – A database uses 30,000 words to generate random names that can produce some amusing ones. A 3-digit numeric name can also be used in conjunction or instead

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Apple M1/Intel (64-bits)