Free Download Vera Icon Pack: shapeless icon v5 Full Version latest 2023 APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is a set of custom shapeless and vibrant icons for your home screen and app drawer.

Vera Icon Pack – shapeless icon 5.9.4 Overview

Vera Icon Pack – shapeless icon latest version  Are you tired of the same old square icons on your Android device? Introducing Vera Icon Pack, a unique and shapeless icon pack for Android that will give your home screen a fresh, modern look.

Key Features and Highlights Of Vera Icon Pack – shapeless icon

  • With Vera Icon Pack – shapeless icon 2023 free download  Over 4,500 high-quality icons in full HD resolution
  • Dynamic calendar support for popular calendar apps
  • Alternate icon designs to choose from
  • Frequent updates with new icons and wallpapers
  • Compatible with popular launchers such as Nova, Apex, and more


Q: How do I apply the icon pack?
A: To apply the icon pack, you must install a compatible launcher on your device. Once the icon pack is downloaded and installed, go to your launcher’s settings and select the Vera Icon Pack from the list of available icon packs.

Q: Are all the icons included in the pack shaped differently?
A: While most of the Vera Icon Pack icons are shaped differently, a few follow a traditional square or circular shape. This allows for a unique and cohesive look on your home screen.

Q: Will the icon pack receive updates with new icons and wallpapers?
A: The Vera Icon Pack is regularly updated with new icons and wallpapers to keep your home screen fresh.


Give your Android device a new look with Vera Icon Pack’s shapeless icons and dynamic calendar support. With over 4,500 high-quality icons to choose from and frequent updates, you’ll never get tired of your home screen again. Try Vera Icon Pack today and give your device a modern look.