Free Download Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition v3 Full Version latest 2023 APK for Android Phones and Tablets. A browser that can’t be returned once used sticks to one step.

Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition v3.7.1 Overview

Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition latest version A browser that can’t be returned once it’s used and sticks to one step” Gesture adjusted in 1mm increments for speed and accuracy Opens “Tab that is extremely quick to” close “and” switch Customizability that makes the regular operation 1/3.

Many operations, such as gesture tab switching, updating, bookmark display, full screen, etc., only take one step.

Key Features and Highlights Of Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition

  • With Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition 2023 free download Ad block
  • Automatic form filling
  • Design optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • UI that can be flexibly customized to your liking
  • Protect tabs with a double tap
  • Tab group that allows you to organize tabs
  • A quick search with search engines of various sites
  • Search suggestions
  • Quick access to your favorite sites “Usual site.”
  • File download and history management
  • Full screen・Manual
  • Automatic sorting of bookmarks
  • Batch editing function of bookmarks
  • The label manages fenrirFS bookmarks
  • Up tabs, bookmarks, and settings
  • Exit the application by pressing and holding the back key
  • Open in another browser (* from the top bar long-press menu)
  • Search within the page (* Top bar long-press menu) * From the top bar long-press menu)
  • Copy the title and URL (* from the top bar long-press menu)
  • Move to the upper level