Free Download MyMusicTheory – music theory exercises 2 Pro/Premium MOD Full Version latest 2023 Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets, It is a full-featured Music app that helps you to learn music.

MyMusicTheory Premium – music theory exercises 2.2.3 Overview

MyMusicTheory Premium – music theory exercises latest version Practice it and train your sight reading skills. Learn all crucial topics of this app. Start with easy notes in treble clef for total beginners up to identification of amazing scale modes in mezzo-soprano clef.

MyMusicTheory Premium – music theory exercises for android for free lets you prepare for Levels 1 – 5 of ABRSM, however it does no longer cover all the subjects. Please check the official syllabus.

Key Features and Highlights Of the App

  • With MyMusicTheory Premium – music theory exercises 2023 free download Key signatures up to 7 accidentals of main or main scale
  • Intervals which includes compound intervals (up to double octave). In identification mode may be double sharps or double apartments used.
  • Chords which includes triads, sixths, sevenths, prolonged chords (9ths, 11ths), suspended chords, open voicing, inversions
  • Scales which include all scale modes of important or minor scales (modes of harmonic or melodic scale), neapolitan scales, pentatonic scales
  • Diatonic chord stages on predominant or minor scale as triads or 7th chords
  • Rhythm sports with up to sixteenth notes or dotted and double dotted notes. Complete bars with notes or rests or discover be aware lengths of given notes (even breve notice)
  • Practice notes in these clefs: treble, bass, alto, baritone (C or F), french violin, mezzo-soprano, soprano, tenor