Free Download Multi-Layer Pro – Photo Editor 2 MOD Full Version latest 2023 Unlocked AdFree APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This app ables you to edit and compose images in multiple layers.

Multi Layer – Photo Editor 2.14 Overview

Multi Layer – Photo Editor latest version is a full-featured photo editor able to edit and compose images in multiple layers. It supports selection tools (manual and magic wand tools) to select brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and RGB color levels.

Multi Layer – Photo Editor for Android for free Edited pictures may be shared and saved as PNG files (supports transparency) and standalone projects (.multilayerphoto). It integrates a file explorer able to load&save pictures locally or even in your Local Network (WiFi LAN).

Key Features and Highlights Of the app

  • With Multi Layer – Photo Editor 2023 free download Layers: move, scale/zoom and rotate, with simple finger gestures. Switch lock & visibility. Set transparency, crop layers, horizontal/vertical flip, create shadow layers, duplicate layer, merge layers, combine (flatten)
  • Settings: brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and levels of red, green and blue (RGB). Apply to whole layer or just the selected area.
  • Filters: smooth, blur, mosaic, sharpen, invert (negative), binary, vignette, grayscales, sepia, vintage filters. Hundreds of filters available!.
  • Paint: Paint on image layers with a variety of brushes and colors. Fill mode is also provided (with threshold).
  • Background Eraser: Erase background of pictures (convert parts of the image into transparent). Manual paint and automatic fill (with threshold) supported. For endless possibilities: photomontages, collages
  • Frames: Download hundreds of photo frames and customize colors and hue: basic frames, grunge, christimas, love, patters
  • Stickers: Add fun stickers as new layers: comic, speech bubbles, accessories, ribbons, party, holiday, love, christmas, halloween
  • Overlays: lighting effects, textures, color gradients, bokeh, crystals, fire effects
  • Text: Add text to your pictures – as independent layers – with dozens of cool fonts. Set shadow, glow, contour, and alignment.
  • Shapes: lines, circles, rectangles, ellipses, stars. With multiple fill and contour options.
  • Selection masks: Select by manual drawing with your finger and/or magic wand tool, get reverse selection, blur, expand or contract. Then the selection will allow you to duplicate layers matching only the selected areas and apply settings (brightness, saturation) in a layer but only to your selection.
  • Save final image as PNG/JPG file and Share with friends on social media.